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1805-2005 - The Kingdom of Italy and the Iron Crown Order

An XIII Commemorative

Continuing with the second gun of the decennial project which will introduce ten limited series guns dedicated to a particular historic event or to an important person, Davide Pedersoli Co. is producing for 2005, a special version of the Napoleonic cavalry pistol AN XIII Model.
With this second commemorative production we wanted to remember the ceremony crowning of Napoleon as King of Italy, on the 26th of May 1805 in Milan's Dome. During the ceremony the king referring to the iron crown he was placing on his head, said the famous sentence " God gave it to me, woe be to those who would touch it".

The crowning and the new Reign represented the final act of historic events starting with the first Italian Campaign, during which Napoleon re-organizing the conquered territories in 1796 and in the drive against Austria, instituted the Transpadania Republic and the Cispadania Republic, respectively North and South of the Pò river. On June 29, 1797 the two Republics were united in the Cisalpine Republic and the French domination in Italy extended to include the Liguria republic and the occupation of Venice, which was surrendered from Austrian control to France after the peace act in Capoformio (October 17, 1797).

The second campaign in Italy to fight the Austrian enemy, lead to the Battle of Marengo (June 14, 1800)  and to the peace act signed at Luneville (February 8, 1801) which was merely a definition and a completion of what was decided at Campoformio. At the beginning of 1802 Italy was more than ever under the French control and the Cisalpine Republic became the Italian Republic.

With his crowning as King of Italy, Napoleon agreed to an alliance with Spain and transformed the Italian Republic into the Kingdom of Italy. The new kingdom included the Lombardia, the former Venetian Republic, the Trentino, the Alto Adige, the Romagna, the Marche and the Emilia, except for the Dukedoms of Parma and Piacenza, becoming French departments together with Piemonte, Liguria, Toscana, Umbria and Lazio. On the throne as vice king was Eugenie de Beauharnais.

In 2005 Davide Pedersoli Co. wants to celebrate this event of Napoleonic history with a limited series of the AN XIII pistol, a date that according to the French Republican calendar sends us back  two centuries (23rd of September 1804 - 22 September 1805).

In fact according to the French calendar the 1805 year coincided with the XIII year of the new republic (September 23, 1804 - September 22, 1805) therefore the anniversary is dedicated also to that dating system, adopted the 5th of October 1793, but in affect from the 22th of September 1792 when the Republic was founded and before the 1st of January 1806, when the XIV year ended because the Gregorian calendar was re-adopted at that time.
Also the original AN XIII model started its adventures exactly in 1805, when the Tulle's arsenal, which originally  only  produced guns for the Navy, was ordered to produce pistols for the Army. The pistol was produced also in the arsenals of Saint Etienne, Charleville, Maubeuge, Versailles, Torino, Brescia and was used by all the Napoleon cavalry corps, from the light weight corps (hunters, hussars, lancers) and those of the line (cuirassiers, carabineers, grenadiers, dragoons and horse riding artillery).

The 500 examples of the AN XIII commemorative pistol introduced by Davide Pedersoli Co. will be specially prepared and marked for the French, German and Italian collectors with three numbering series: I001- I200 for Italy, F001 - F200 for France and D001 - D100 for Germany.

The gun is presented in a handsome wood case with glass lid, which has an inside velveteen lining of Italian green colour. On the lock there is engraved the writing "Manifattura Reale di Brescia" (Royal Brescia Manufacture) a very important reference to remember from the past which like today shows the antique gunsmithing tradition of Brescia. Those years particularly signalled  the "updating" of gun production to the more modern European models, which could take advantage of the skilled work of the master gunsmiths in the Mella's River Department, already known to the new king, for being one of the most industrialised areas of the Cisalpine Republic.

On the left side of the grip a medal with the Iron Crown Order, instituted the 5th of June 1805 with the promulgation of the third Constitutional Statute( VIII Title, articles 59,60,63,64 and 65) and the same medal symbol is on the case glass lid and around the sentence pronounced by Napoleon.
Each series is supplied with the authenticity certificate and a small ceramic oval picture of the young Napoleon.

The collectors who purchased the 2004 commemorative model, the pistol AN IX Model "Dedicated to the Emperor", will have the right to reserve with the same series number for the 2005 model " Dedicated to the Kingdom of Italy"

C.946 - An XIII Commemorativa

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