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Black powder 10 years collection
1806-2006 - The Great Emperor

Ussaro Mod.1786

The commemorative gun Davide Pedersoli is introducing for 2006 the 1786 Model Hussar musket, known also as a Light Cavalry Musket it will be produced in a limited series of 500 units addressed to the French, Italian and German collectors, marked with three distinguished series numbers (I001-I200 for Italy, F001-F200 for France and D001-D100 for Germany).
With this third addition to the “10 years collection” project, in the bi-centennial of the Jena and Auerstaedt battles, we wanted to remember a period in which Napoleon Bonaparte was achieving solid military and political successes in his conquest of Eastern Europe.
In the two battles fought against the Prussian army on the 14th of October 1806, the French army put into action their traditional military abilities and on that day an unusually important role was played by the French cavalry.
Napoleon  carefully studied the use of cavalry in all his battles and for example, if from one flank he already had held back the heavy cavalry regiments, keeping them as a reserve for the eventual  heavy attacks, then on the other flank he would increase the medium and light cavalry divisions making them similar to the riding Horse Hunters and to the Hussars who were so successful at fast intervention and in quick and victorious chases which could turn the tide of a battle or break up an attack.
At Jena it happened in this way and the results of the battle were decided by the skilled use of Marshal Murat’s light cavalry rolling in from the flank for the last coup to the enemy. It was a smashing victory and it was so also for Marshal Davoust who led his divisions to the Auerstaedt village, 20 kilometers from Jena.
From the military point of view the end of 1806 saw the first arrangements and planning by the French for the future Russian campaign (during which England and Sweden sided with Prussia) and the occupation of Warsaw.
In the meantime Napoleon continued to celebrate his triumphs, receiving honours and glory in Paris beginning with the building of the Arc de Triomphe, wanted by the Emperor and finished after thirty years and the Paris mint struck the medal celebrating “Napoleon Le Grand Empeur Des Français” on which the leader is shown with the head covered by a lion’s skin.
A reproduction of this famous medal is being set into the stock of the commemorative 1786 Model Hussar Musket, to further enhance the special historical importance of this compact and light gun which performed so remarkably in the hands of these famous mounted soldiers.
The main features of the 1876 Model Hussar Musket can be identified by the short stock, the forend with the ring for the snap hook and the front band with it’s lower part fitted into the rear band retaining the barrel. The lock is one of the traditional AN IX system, but with smaller dimensions than the cavalry pistol and the infantry musket.
Included with the gun is a transparent plexiglass display rack which allows a full view of all the musket details. This self-supporting rack can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall.
Each musket has its own Authenticity Certificate written on parchment paper. The collectors who purchased the 2004 and 2005 commemorative models have the right to have the same series number for the 2006 model dedicated to the Great Emperor.

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