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The competitive results in the various international competitions continue to increase the prestige of Davide Pedersoli, guns and accessories sales. A palmares from year to year more and more gratifying and a pride for Davide Pedersoli to be a leading company, worldwide, in the field of muzzle-loading gun reproductions and accessories. In this section, in addition to the report of the world championships in recent years, the exhibitions and national hunting and competitive events are also presented.



29th World Championship M.L.A.I.C.

Pforzheim - Germany. Summer 2022.

After 2 long years marked by a world-wide pandemic filled with catastrophe, limitations, deprivations, and social upheaval, we were finally able to hug old friends and meet new ones, the MLAIC athletes who proved themselves, once again, competing at two different European locations, during the summer month of August 2022.

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19 Medals for Davide Pedersoli in the CNDA National Championship

Valeggio sul Mincio - Italy. Summer 2020.

Great Successes at the CNDA National Championship for Davide Pedersoli.

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18th European Championship M.L.A.I.C.

Sarlospuszta - Hungary. Summer 2019.

After an hour of flight and a quick trip by car, we reach Sarlospuszta, a quiet Hungarian town close to Budapest, where the European Muzzle Loading Championships have started a couple of days ago.

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