Model: S125

Gibbs Short Range Rifle

After the many successes achieved with the Gibbs rifle (S.225) we decided to make this second version, retaining the manufacturing and finish qualities while equipping the rifle with a barrel especially made for target shooting at 100-150 meters. The specific twist and the broached rifling provide bullet stabilization at the shorter distance, ensuring hitting the target with very good accuracy.

Code: 010S125450

Caliber: .45

Grooves: 5

Technical specifications

Caliber .45
Grooves 5
Twist mm 530
Twist inches 1:21
Barrel's length mm 815,00
Overall length mm 1230,00
Weight kg 4,900
Bullets code 036U521451
Family code S.125
Creedmoor sight 036U446000
Tunnel front sight 036U408000
Classification NON PREV