Being mentioned with very positive terms, at page 157 of the book written by H. Lee Munson “The Mortimer Gunmakers - 1753-1923”, for our famous reproduction of the Mortimer rifle, we became so proud to yield to the suggestions of many shooters to reproduce also a model of pistol of that family which has been surely one of the most prolific gunsmith families producing guns of great quality and accuracy.

The original pistol were marked in two lines H.W. Mortimer & Son London / Gun Makers to His Majesty and our reproductions maintained all the technical and ballistic characteristics, with thanks to the production of mechanical parts made with numerical control machines, quality is assured.
The breech hook chromed barrel is perfectly aligned with the upper part of the wood, featured with a “saw grip”, checkered, that grant the shooter a continous steady grip for the best aiming of the target. The conical ramrod with horn tip gives an elegant detail in the sober contrast of one of the most beautiful replicas on the market.
The Deluxe version is enriched with engravings in the style of the English school, with exact copies of the original patterns, with gold inlays on the barrel. The pistol is produced with selected walnut stock, the metal parts are coin finish colour and the barrel is rust brown colour finished.

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