With muzzle loading guns we proceed by replacing the nipple with the conversion one for the .209 primer. After unscrewing the nipple of the gun, screw the new nipple on, possibly with the aid of a wrench or pliers; the .209 primer is inserted into the coaxial seat of the conversion nipple and the small cap housing the firing pin is screwed by hand. At this point the gun, which has been loaded by polymer ball only all the way into the barrel (do not use black powder), is ready to shoot. After firing, the lid is unscrewed and the spent primer is manually extracted from the nipple. This primer can leave residues that we suggest to remove using a brush, after firing a few shots. The polymer balls and the 209 primer, in conjunction with a specific brass case, can also be used in .38 Special or .45 Long Colt caliber pistols and breech-loading revolvers. Both the balls and the primer are manually inserted into the case thus creating a false cartridge ready to be chambered in the drum. In the inner part of the case there is only a duct to convey the detonating action of the primer on the ball. This duct must remain absolutely free: in no case must black powder be used. After firing, the spent primer can be removed by pushing it with a pin punch with a diameter of 2.5 millimeters. The recommended shooting distance is about 15 meters.

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