The search for an enjoyable pictorial, sculptural or graphic expression leads the artist to create works in which to add, always to a greater and complete extent, passion, skill and creative genius. The user of these results is usually the lover of beauty and uniqueness, but also the one who understands the artist's thought and perceives his emotions. Metal engraving, an art of ancient memory, does not differ much from painting; with its play of shadows and the spatial-temporal location of the subjects, it allows you to experience the same sensation of a work created with a brush and with colors can instill.

Davide Pedersoli pays always attention to the noblest artistic expressions and is proud to present some models embellished with pleasant and elegant engravings with harmonious floral motifs, or with western subjects, or hunting inspiration. The end result allows you to admire the creations in which the advanced gun technology of the Pedersoli house blends with the intense artistic expression of master engravers.

On the barrel, a few gold inlays can make a fine motive near the muzzle and the breech. Gold or silver engravings for Davide Pedersoli name or logo, as well as the name of the future owner. Our company is happy to analyze and quote requests for personalized engravings, to be made on the chosen gun model.

Owning and collecting engraved guns means emphasizing an approach to a work of art as one would do with a painting, a sculpture, a jewel. After all, what we now call reproductions may become the "second generation originals" in a few decades, to be appreciated for their prestige and elegance.