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XXIV° MuzzleLoading World Championships - Barcelos

More records for Pedersoli’s guns at the World M.L.A.I.C. Championships. From the 15th to the 22nd. of August the shooting ranges at Fervença (Barcelos) in Portugal hosted the twenty-fourth edition of the world muzzle loading guns championships. The new international meeting enabled Davide Pedersoli to count a new record of medals: fifty medals, divided among fifteen gold, nineteen silver and sixteen bronze ones. To the great satisfaction of the Pedersoli team, the achievement of the shooters is recognised and the company is celebrating the amazing results achieved. Nine gold medals were won in the individual disciplines: from the German shooters Joachim Haller who in Miquelet scored 95 with the Mod. 1777, Thomas Baumhakl in Pennsylvania scored 98, thanks to the competitive Swiss Match rifle, Rita Pamer in Walkyrie with the Gibbs rifle .45 calibre a perfect 100, Alfred Bailer both in Lamarmora scored 98 with the Würtenbergischen rifle and in Maximilian, scored 93 with the Mortimer rifle, Franz Lotspeich in Lorenzoni with the Mortimer shotgun; from the French shooters: Mathieu Ducellier with the Bristlen Morges rifle in Vetterli and Emilien Kovalenko in Kuchenreuter Youth with the Le Page pistol; from the South African shooter Frederik Jacobs in Whitworth scored 99, achieved with the Gibbs rifle .40 calibre. In the Vetterli discipline the world record has been equalized and in the Pennsylvania, Lamarmora and Walkyrie disciplines new and prestigious records have been set. The other gold medals have been won in the teams’ disciplines: from Germany in Halikko (Mayr, Haller and Bailer with the Mod. 1777 muskets) in Magenta (Holla, Pamer and Sturm with the Würtenbergischen rifles), in Enfield (J. Mayr with the Würtenbergischen rifle), in Kossuth (A. Bailer with the Mortimer rifle) and in Wogdon (M. Kloke and B. Schönborn with the Le Page and Charles Moore pistols); from Netherland in Pforzheim, thanks to the 98 score shot by Cees Kalfsvel with the Bristlen Morges rifle. Seven Silver medals were achieved in the individual disciplines: to the German shooters Josef Mayr and his Mod. 1777 musket in Miquelet, Alfred Bailer in Pennsylvania with the Mortimer rifle and Franz Lotspeich in Manton with the Mortimer shotgun; to the Spanish shooter Luciano Porta Gran in Lamarmora with the Würtenbergischen rifle; to the United States lady shooter Shannon Boyce in Whitworth with the Tryon Creedmoor rifle; to the French shooter Emilien D’Herve in Kuchenreuter Youth with the Le Page pistol; to the South African shooter Frederik Jacobs in Vetterli Youth with the Gibbs rifle .40 calibre. Twelve silver medals achieved in the teams disciplines: to the Czech Republic in Wogdon (P. Kralicek with the Le Page pistol); to Portugal in Peterlongo (M. Cruz with the Pedersoli Remington Pattern revolver); to Austria in Pforzheim (P. Gassner with the Bristlen Morges rifle), in Magenta (A. Handl with the Würtenbergischen rifle) and in Lucca (A. Handl and J. Staller with the Jäger and the Mortimer rifles); to Hungary in Kossuth (J. Nyitrai, G. Meszaros and B. Nemeth with the Mortimer rifles); to Spain in Enfield (J.R. Galan Talens with the Würtenbergischen rifle); to Germany in Rigby (R. Pamer with the Gibbs rifle); to Great Britain in Hawker (R. Morris with the Mortimer shotgun); to Finland in Halikko (T.A. Näätänen Lihavainen and A. Mustamäki with the An IX muskets); to South Africa (Team 1) in Pforzheim Youth and in Rigby Youth (F. Jacobs, M.-J. Dippenaar and Wim Steyn the Gibbs rifles). Bronze medals were achieved by five shooters: the German Kloke Martin in Cominazzo with the Le Page pistol; the Italian Stefano Caruso in Kuchenreuter Youth with the Le Page pistols; the Finnish Timo Aulis Näätänen Lihavainen in Miquelet with the An IX Dragons musket; the Hungarian Jozsef Nyitrai in Lamarmora with the Würtenbergischen rifle; the South African Michael-John Dippenaar in Whitworth Youth with the Gibbs .40 calibre. The eleven teams that finally climbed the third step of the podium were: Switzerland in Wogdon (U. Moser with the Charles Moore pistol); France in Halikko (J.-P. Pastouret, R. Thomes and R. Valentini with the Mod. 1777, An IX and Brown Bess muskets); Hungary in Pforzheim (I. Nagy, G. Meszaros and B. Nemeth with the Bristlen Morges and Tryon rifles); Austria in Kossuth (A. Gassner and J. Staller with the Jäger and Mortimer rifles); Italy in Magenta (G. Fuserio with the Würtenbergischen rifle); Spain in Amazons (Y. Pons Martinez with the Gibbs rifle) and in Lucca (M. Mayol Colom with the Mortimer rifle); Germany in Hawker and in Batesville (R. Dupont e F. Lotspeich with the Mortimer shotguns); South Africa (Team 2) in Pforzheim Youth and in Rigby Youth (C. Twine, B. Keet and Willie Steyn with the Gibbs rifles). In addition to the fifty medals you add the seventeen honourable places between the individual and the team’s disciplines, plus the fourteen shooters ranked at the fifth place and ten shooters at the sixth place, the success is highly satisfactory. And again reviewing the first ten classified places of the sixteen individual disciplines entered with Pedersoli guns, you can see that they have been used by the 46, 2% of the shooters. Special attention must be given to some European Nations attending the international M.L.A.I.C Championships only in the last few years, like the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, to confirm how the muzzle loading target shooting is involving and growing a larger number of passionate shooters. Davide Pedersoli company expresses a rightful big THANK YOU to all the shooters who chose to give preference to its guns. The company located in Gardone Valtrompia is vanguard in the manufacturing of the various guns parts and is proud to boast the hand finishing of the different models, paying attention to each single gun, like it is a custom made gun, a series of accurate manual checks & adjustments performed by skilled workers continuing the gunsmithing traditions of the Trompia Valley. The final result is well known in the whole world: style and elegance, faithful historic reproductions, first rate ballistic performances and high quality standards. Captions: The Würtenbergischen rifle that won three gold medals, with the world record in Lamarmora (98/100), two gold and two bronze medals. For the Gibbs rifle two gold medals, with the world record in Walkyrie (100/100), four silver and four bronze medals.

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