Modèle: S651

Coach Gun

During the Civil War the Confederate troops in addition to the standardised ordnance guns also used all kinds of guns, including many sourced from European countries.

Among the guns used to equip the Cavalry there were also the traditional hunting side by side shotguns with shortened barrels to be handier while riding a horse.

In this way the Cavalry regiment acquired a noticeable advantage in the short distance battles.

Many such guns with shortened barrels featured both main spring locks and the back action locks. The barrels were not always shortened.

Their popularity in fact, induced many gunsmiths to produce guns with short barrels and a single trigger mechanism. This shotgun features a nice brown colour for the barrel. The locks are case hardened.

Code: 010S651012

Calibre: 12

Spécifications techniques

Calibre 12
Longueur du canon mm 510,00
Longueur du canon inches 20 1/16
Longueur totale mm 925,00
Longueur totale inches 36 7/16
Poids Kg 3,000
Poids lbs 6.60
Code familial S.651
Classification NON PREV