Modèle: S630

Doc Holliday Revolver blued 4,2"

The Doc Holliday revolver is chambered for the .38 Special cartridge, 4.2” of barrel length and a blued finish.

The bird’s head grips are chequered and the upper side has the “dp” oval logo carved in the wood.

The rifled barrel, made by the broaching process, the accurate trigger system and the ideal combination of weight and balance with a typical grip make this revolver a handy and precise gun.

Code: 020S630038

Calibre: .38 Special

Rayures: 6

Spécifications techniques

Calibre .38 Special
Rayures 6
Pas mm 450
Pas inches 1:18
Longueur du canon mm 107,00
Longueur du canon inches 4,2
Longueur totale mm 230,00
Longueur totale inches 9 1/16
Poids Kg 0,800
Poids lbs 1.76
Code familial S.630-38
Classification 12_01001s1


Le revolver "Doc Holiday"