Modèle: S221

Enfield 3 band Pattern 1853 Rifle Musket

It was considered the apex European military gun of that time, introduced by the British War Department after several studies to improve the calibers and the dimensions of the previous models. However, it kept the same general appearance of the earlier pattern 1851. Hundreds of thousands were sold to both sides in the US Civil War. The overwhelming majority of P53 Enfields were made by commercial gun makers in Birmingham and London under contract. The Enfield P1853 features a ladder rear sight with a slider assembled on a base with steps, steel barrel’s bands and other brass furniture. The ramrod tip is shaped with the characteristic jag slot. The gun is equipped with two sling swivels, one fit under the front band and the other one fits in front of the trigger guard. The barrel is blued and lock case hardened. The stock is made of walnut.

Code: 010S221577

Calibre: .577

Rayures: 3

Spécifications techniques

Calibre .577
Rayures 3
Pas mm 1981
Pas inches 1:78
Longueur du canon mm 991,00
Longueur du canon inches 39
Longueur totale mm 1397,00
Longueur totale inches 55
Poids Kg 3,900
Code des balles 036U523577
Code familial S.221
Classification NON PREV