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27th MLAIC World Championship

Sarlospuszta - Hungary 2016

Dear Customers, Shooters and Friends of Davide Pedersoli's Company,

As it has been for the Olympic Games, where fantastic Italian and world shooters conquered the podium using Italian guns, also at the less blazoned World Muzzle Loading Championship, always of high level with more than 360 real shooters (not folklore advocates), representing 26 countries, rich of very high scores, we have the pleasure to confirm that the Italian guns achieved the podium in many disciplines.

In the spectacular frame of the shooting range set up for the occasion at the Sarlospuszta  Club, not far from Budapest Hungary, with target shooting at 25, 50, 100 meters and clay pigeon field, the 27thWorld Muzzle Loading Championship just concluded.

Honors to the organization, to the shooters..and to the guns used in the competitions.

We have the pleasure to underline how the guns manufactured by Davide Pedersoli company continued the trend of the previous years at the World, European and Pacific Zone championships, achieving many medals.

Our medals implemented of 45 new conquests:

  • 6  Gold single
  • 7  Silver  single
  • 9  Bronze  single 
  • 10    4thplaces
  • 6  Gold Team
  • 8  Silver Team
  • 9 Bronze Team


The guns that most distinguished are:

  • Mortimer shotgun  flintlock in the clay pigeon 
  • Mortimer shotgun percussion in the clay pigeon
  • Gibbs     shotgun percussion in the clay pigeon
  • Mortimer   rifle flintlock at 100 meters 
  • Mauser   rifle percussion  at 50 and  100 meters
  • Gibbs      rifle  percussion at  100 meters youth 
  • An  IX      musket at  50 meters
  • Swiss  Match  rifle flintlock at 50 meters
  • Jaeger  Target rifle flintlock at  50 meters 
  • Le Page pistol flintlock   at  25  meters
  • Remington Revolver   at  25 and  50 meters
  • Charles  Moore  pistol flintlock  at  25 meters

and also Le Page pistol percussion ( great 4th place with the score of 96/100 ) a t 25 meters

Very good placing for the Bristlen Morges rifle within the first 10 places with the score of 97/100 at 50 meters.


We had the satisfaction to notice that the results achieved with our guns are made by skilled shooters from different countries, demonstrating that the muzzle loading target shooting is growing internationally (new entrance of the Bulgarian Team). The growth of the MUZZLE LOADING SPORTIVE SHOOTING is matching the growth of the international attention towards Davide Pedersoli company.


Our attendance by the promotional area of the event, being official sponsors of the Championship, enabled us to listen to the several comments, extremely positive about our guns, used by more than 40% of the shooters in the dedicated disciplines, but we also listened to some complaints addressed to some of our distributors, paying little attention to the sporting activities performed with muzzle loading guns: unison request to take action to that effect, explaining the need for the distributors to look at the muzzle loading NOT only as historical phenomenon, but also for the sporting characteristics, widely shown with the ballistic results.


Thanks to all of you, our best compliments to the Organization, congratulations to the Shooters and to the Federations of the Countries supporting the Muzzle Loading Sporting Activities.

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