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28th MLAIC World Championship

Eisenstadt - Austria 2018

Dear Customers, Shooters and Friends of Davide Pedersoli's Company,

Between August 19th-25th, 2018 in Eisenstadt, a town of the Austrian Burgenland, the 28th World M.L.A.I.C. Championships were held for target shooting with muzzle loading guns.


25 Countries attended:

Argentina-Australia-Austria-Belgium-Canada-Czech Republic-Denmark- Finland-France-Great Britain-Germany-Hungary-Italy-Luxemburg- The Netherlands-Norway-Poland-Rep of South Africa-Russia-Switzerland-Slovak Republic- Spain- Sweden-U.S.A

With a total of 395 shooters, with 1661 matches concluded.


The results saw Germany in first place with a total of 44 medal won followed by France with 25 medals won and Great Britain with 17 medals won.


The main sponsor of the event, the Pedersoli company, was one of the leading manufacturers of the guns used in the events and as every year, Pedersoli recorded a good performance with guns that made the podium.


Pedersoli manufactured guns from Gardone Valtrompia won 46 of the medals: 14 gold, 12 silver, 20 bronze medals and 1 new World Record.


Worthy of note was the great number of Pedersoli guns in the following disciplines: Civilian (Civil rifle flintlock – 50 meters) with 40 rifles out a total of 58, Maximillian (Flintlock rifle – 100 meters) with 21 Pedersoli guns out of the 31 total and Michelet (Military musket, flintlock – 50 meters) with 23 Pedersoli guns out of the 29 in total.


Special praise must go to the young shooters, who are increasing their presence among the athletes, and bringing new enthusiasm to this noble sport.


Particularly we want to honor Achim Bailer (German Team) with a gold medal in the Pennsylvania discipline, with a score of 99/100 with the Swiss Match rifle and Daniela Andreikova (Slovak Team) with a bronze medal in the Walkirie discipline, with a score of 96/100 using a Gibbs rifle.


We conclude by thanking the organizers and the entire staff of volunteers, always smiling and helpful, not caring about the fatigue and the heat and we also thank the 395 athletes, of course, who have once again been able to stand out, by showing tenacity, sound values and the spirit of sportsmanship.



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