Pedersoli Pedersoli
Black powder
18th M.L.A.I.C European Championships

Sarlospuszta - Hungary

Summer 2019,

After an hour's flight and a quick car ride, we reached Salorsputza, a quiet Hungarian town near Budapest, where the European Muzzleloading Shooting Championships commenced a couple of days ago. As soon as we arrive, we are greeted by smiling faces and friendly handshakes while in the background to welcome us, the familiar roar of blackpowder shots. We understand immediately how much this 18th Championship, under the colors of the MLAIC, is starting in the best way.

We set off towards the shooting ranges, meeting the first athletes right away. The number of participants is important, 273 shooters from 19 countries, to compete in multiple disciplines both on fixed targets and in clay pigeon shooting. The atmosphere is jovial along the way and at the shooting stands, we have the opportunity to exchange a few words with the people, everyone agrees in praising the work of the Hungarian staff, headed by our friend Balázs Neméth, shooter, historian and great coordinator.

Around us, a frenetic activity and a pleasant buzz that, however, almost ceases instantly after the announcements of the Range Officer, that the next shooting session is about to start.

The faces of sportsmen become serious, concentration takes over and sweaters with national colors give way to shooting jackets of technical fabric. Yes, because muzzle loading is the culture, folklore and the pleasure of being together, but it is also sacrifice, discipline and mental order.

The shooters position in front of them, carefully arranged, the fundamental components for loading, powder, projectiles, primer caps.

Only a precise loading action, rehearsed through exhausting training sessions, will ensure enough speed to manage 10 shots in just 30 minutes.


The results, at the end of the event, are very respectable. The average of the top 10 scores is 98,5 nd the winner will win with an impressive 100 out of 100. The competition I am referring is called Vetterli, the long percussion rifle shot off hand in the standing position at a distance of 50 meters.

The winner is the German Walter Massin, already World Record Shooter with 150/150, at the podium with a Bristlen Morges rifle by Pedersoli.

(For the sake of explanation, the MLAIC international rules require 13 shots of which only the 10 best will be counted. The world record was made during the German Championships, where the program is 15 shots and all are counted)


tabella inglese_eu19.jpg


Along the five days of the championships over 19 competitions took place.

As producers and as the main sponsors of the event, we were hoping to be able to admire as many Pedersoli guns as possible; our hopes were not disappointed.

At the end of the competition our medal count was 15 gold medals, 7 of which are individual, 8 silver and 12 bronze.

The excitement of being there was to enjoy the fantastic feeling and to witness directly the joy of the victors, like when Franz Longspeich won first place with 43 clay targets knocked down in the Manton discipline; a classic clay pigeon shooting competition, complete with a call microphone and high visibility orange targets, but with the only difference being that the shooter was using a reproduction of a gun from the mid-nineteenth century, rigorously loaded with black powder, whose ignition is relied on a flintlock.


A good answer to those who question the speed and accuracy of these weapons. Remaining on the subject of skeet shooting, forgive a bit of parochialism in wanting to mention the Italian shooters, winners of the bronze medal in the team discipline. How not to acclaim the other gold medals, the Finnish Viertola Sakari first in Miquelet discipline with the 1777 musket and a score of 95 out of 100, the French Mathieu Ducellier, gold medal in the Pennsylvania discipline with the Swiss Match rifle and a score of 98 out of 100, the German Leonhard Brader, winner of the Minie discipline with the Mauser rifle and the score of 97 out of 100, again Franz Lotspeich, overall winner in the clay target events with gold also in the Lorenzoni discipline with the Mortimer percussion shotgun also in this case the Italian Boni won the bronze with a 12 gauge Gibbs shotgun and Segura Badia Marcelo, Spain, was able to take our Tatam & Egg pistol to the top of the podium, the new model among the flintlock pistol.


In short, high emotions and a lot of satisfaction.

However, the surprises weren't over yet, as at the end of the senior events we moved on to the junior disciplines, where young shooters and those under 16, were able to show great skill and excellent preparation, always in the name of great sportsmanship.

Thus, we came to the end of a wonderful week, enjoyed in the name of friendship and healthy competition; our friend Balázs together with his wife Brijita, wanted to reward us one last time by organizing a sophisticated closing dinner, complete with show, traditional cuisine and fireworks. What to say, great thanks to the whole Hungarian staff, to all the technical support team and obviously to the athletes who gave proof of their value, outside and inside the shooting range, as usual.

Stefano Pedersoli




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