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Le Page Percussion and Flintlock pistols

The winners muzzleloading pistols

The well known pair of pistols Davide Pedersoli created more than thirty years ago, continue to achieve success.  During the European Muzzle Loading Championship held on August 2011 in Hamina, Finland, these two guns acheived the gold medal in the individual discipline Kuchenreuter Replica (rifled barrel percussion pistols) and Cominazzo Replica (flintlock smooth bore pistols). In the Wogdon discipline (Team with three shooters in Cominazzo) the flintlock models won one gold medal, one silver and one bronze.

The replica of the  Le Page muzzle loading percussion model was reproduced from an original gun used in target shooting made by the famous Parisian gunsmith Henri Le Page circa 1845. This gun, a masterpiece of Pedersoli’s production, continues to delight with its elegance and excellent ballistic performance making  it amongst the favourite pistols for the “Kuchenreuter Replica” discipline.
The line is classic French with an Empire style grip, the trigger guard has a curl to rest the finger and it is equipped with a typical straight single set trigger. The octagonal barrel features a hook breech, and is tightly retained in the stock by a wedge staple under the barrel. The breech plug features a small snail for the nipple and a small flash guard. The muzzle is ground flat and carefully crowned to protect the rifling. The tang is fixed to the stock with a long screw through to the trigger plate, it has a square hook breech base fitted with the rear sight, screw adjustable for elevation.
The chequered pistol grip is finished with a lower metal cap fixed with a screw in the centre on the percussion model and with a hinged patch box on the flintlock model. On the left a side plate with a winged profile is nicely inlet into the wood serving to retain the  lock plate screw.
All the lock’s metal parts are polished, the sear and the tumbler are hand ground and polished  to ensure smooth working of the mechanism.
The lock of the percussion model features two small floral engravings with a line around the lock contour. Other engraving is featured on the hammer, on the side plate, on the cap and on the trigger guard. The lock for the flintlock version has a nicely engraved small cord pattern featured around the contour.
The straight trigger is a comfortable length for the first pad of the finger, and is equipped with a set trigger, obviously in the French style. The trigger weight is sensitive, the adjusting screw located behind the trigger has either a slot or a small side hole, allowing adjustment with a screw driver or a small pin.
Pedersoli offers various finishes for the Le Page percussion pistol. The Target version has a chromed and satin finished barrel, the lock features a nice coin colour. The maple version has a rust brown colour finish for the barrel; the stock is selected curly maple. The deluxe version features extensive engraving of the lock and metal fittings, all with satin finish colour, the barrel features a rust brown finish colour with gold inlays.
The flintlock model is offered in the Target standard and Target deluxe finish. Both have the matt rust brown colour finish for the barrel, nicely contrasting with the white colour of the steel lock and fittings. The deluxe version is enriched with hand engraving and gold and silver inlays. The lock and the metal fittings feature a case hardened finish.
The Le Page percussion model is offered in various calibres: .31, .36 and .44. The .31 has a barrel length of 250 millimetres (9 7/8”), seven grooves with twist rate of 380 mm (1:15”); for the other two calibres the barrel’s length is 260 millimetres (10 ¼”), seven grooves with a twist rate of 450 mm (1:18”).
The replica of the Le Page flintlock model is offered in calibres .44 rifled, seven grooves, twist 450mm (1:18”) and .45 smoothbore. The barrel length is 266 millimetres.                                                                                                                                                          
We are proud to quote a brief statement from Stefano Caruso, the Italian shooter who won the gold medal in the Kuchenreuter discipline: "For the European championships I used a replica of the Le Page pistol .36 calibre, known for its exceptional accuracy; this pistol for me represents the synthesis between handy and correctness, well balanced, manageable recoil, its aiming devices are easy to get accustomed with, helping the shooter during the aiming concentration. The shooter adapts to its features rapidly since the very beginning.
I usually load 10.8 grains (0,7 g approximately) of Swiss powder N. 1 and round ball  .354 (8,99 mm), patch thickness .007” (0,18 mm) lubed with few drops of Dunlubri oil. I pour semolina equivalent to the volume of the black powder between the powder and the ball."

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