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During the Civil War between the American States, the various Confederate corps were equipped  both with ordnance weapons made or modified by Southern arsenals and with many kinds of guns sourced from Europe, or with guns owned by various combatants.
Among the guns provided to the Cavalry there were also traditional hunting side by side shotguns, modified for specific bayonets with double lugs, with the blade the shape of a Bowie knife. Some of the guns were shortened for easy handling while riding a horse. In this way the cavalry regiments acquired a noticeable advantage for short distance fighting: the war chronicles reported that a squad of Confederate cavalry men could scatter in one attack four hundred Union troops that three regiments had tried to drive out of a trench to no avail.
Such guns with short barrels were converted from common side by side shotguns with either forward main spring locks or back action locks. However, the side by side shotguns used were not always shortened.
Their popularity, in fact, induced many gunsmiths to produce guns with short barrels with a single trigger mechanism. This type of gun was quite popular until the end of the 1800, even after the more modern breech loading system was introduced and the evolutionary advantage of the single trigger greatly improved the traditional hunting side by side shotgun.
Among the new products Davide Pedersoli introduced in the 2012 you can find three interesting side by side shotguns: the “Cavalry Shotgun”, the “Plains Shotgun” and the “Baker Style Coach Gun”. The single trigger mechanism equipping all three models is certainly the most important feature: the fast action allowing a second shot is in fact quicker than the traditional double trigger system. The mechanism reproduces the system designed by London gunsmith Ezekiel Baker in 1850; Baker was the inventor of the famous rifled barrel ordnance gun in 1800.
The back action lock offers the advantage of less residue fouling to the working parts.
The “Backer style Coach gun” inspired by the models used during the American Civil War is equipped with 12 gauge barrels 510mm (20 1/16”) long, finished with a nice brown color; the locks are case hardened. The total length is 925mm (36 7/16”) while the weight is 3 kilos (6.60lbs).
The “Plains Shotgun” is available in both 12 and 20 gauges. The smaller gauge has also smaller dimensions than the 12 gauge: the barrel length is 700mm (27 9/16”) instead of the 725mm (28 9/16”); the total length is 1110mm (43 ¾”) instead of 1140mm (44 7/8”) and the weight is 3, 3 kilos (7.27 lbs) instead of 3, 4 kilos (7.49 lbs). For this model the fast back action is also used to support the fast trigger pull for both shots. Both models’ barrels are choked Cyl/Mod and have a blue finish, as it is also the butt plate. The locks are color case hardened.
The “Baker Cavalry shotgun” is a really unique gun, extremely captivating. It is available only in 20 gauge with a barrel length of 285mm (11 ¼”), for a total length of 700mm (27 9/16”) and weight is only 2.6 kilos (5.73 lbs). The barrel finish is blue, as is the butt plate. The locks are colour case hardened.


Plains Shotgun "the fast back action" - Mod. S.652

Baker Style Coach Gun - Mod. S.651

Baker Cavalry Shotgun - Mod. S.708

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