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Hole-in-hole accuracy with Pedersoli Jager rifle

Searching for a high energy hunting load is not always an easy task. Pintpoint accuracy and devastiting power are both needed.


I took my Jäger Traget rifle to the range today. I am in the project of developing a good roundball and conical load for the rifle for hunting. I devoted this day to the patched roundball and 50 m distance. To simulate the hunter's loading I did not use wadding or grease on top of the powder, neither I used long funnel. I measured the powder for volume with a simple adjustable measure. My bullet was .535” 230 grain roundball with 0,38 spit-patches. I started experimenting form 80 grains of 3Fg Swiss powder and ended up at 120 grains. The kick of the rifle is absolutely managable, and one of the excellent charastaristics of this rifling that it is not really sensitive for the volume of the charge. I was able to shoot hole-in-hole from sandbag rest with nearly every load I used. The picture shows the 110 grain load (6 shots – with one slow iginition shot to the left). At maximum load the round ball leaves the bore with 621 m/s (1863 fps) while the energy is 2890 J or 2131 foot-pond. Devastating power with excellent accuarcy and flat trajectory. I will just have to set the elevation, and there you go.


Nex day I switched to a conical bullet. I like the Lyman Plains bullets as they tend to be accurate from slow twist bores as well. My Jager rifle is the target version with 1:65" twist rate, so originally it was designed for patched round ball. I used 90 grains of 3Fg Powder. According to my experiences this should be enough in this caliber to push the bullet energy over 2500 Joules. Well, there were no problems with the energy and the velocity. The bullet left the muizzle with 456 meters / sec, and 2900 joules. The accuracy was superb also (rounb ball was better, but this is perfect for hunting as well) for the first 3-4 shots, but later the group moved down as the bore started to fool. The Plains bullet does not have deep grease grooves, so it is not holding enough lubrication for high charges. This could be solved if you clean your bore after each shot, but I was looking for a hunting load now, there was no need for more shots then three.



Of course the two bullet types are not equivalent in effect. The conical bullet has a much better ability to retain its kynetic energy. They both start with energies around 2900 joules, but at 50 m the round ball keeps only 1650, and 930 joules at 100 mteres. At 50 m the Plains bullet still has 2240 joules and at 100 meters cca. 1700. So if you have a choice, always go for the conical bullet for hunting purposes.




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