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Hunting with muzzleloaders in Hungary

Hungary walked a long road in legalizing the hunting with muzzleloaders. Now the success is here: after 100 years it is legal again to walk out to the wilderness with our good old muzzleloaders on our shoulder.

We have been informing you continuously about the progress of the legalization blackpowder hunting in Hungary. As you may remember, the blackpowder shooting association of Hungary was the first to become official member of CIC (International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation) this summer.


Hungary has a rich hunting culture and tradition and the Hungarian hunting territories are considered one of the best in Europe. This country offers exceptional adventures to any hunter looking for red deer, fallow deer, muflon, wild boar, pheasant, rabbit, duck, goose, etc.. hunting. The uninterrupted natural beauty and the high-quality game management are the key factors of its success.


The Hungarian blackpowder team is now reaching the end of the road. The laws for hunting will be modified in the first half of next year and the blackpowder hunting is already listed in the new law as a legal traditional hunting method. In the meantime a great progress was made. The Hungarian Blackpowder Shooters and Hunters Association applied for and received a special license to start hunting with muzzleloaders already in this hunting season until 28 February 2014.


The purpose of the special permit is to develop the rules for the later law and to gain practical experience for the law makers, hunting related organizations and for the hunters regarding this traditional hunting method. This is something that should be considered and followed in all European countries where there is no possibility to use the muzzleloaders for hunting currently. We all know that our frontloaders are capable of extreme accuracy and have a killing power more than enough for any European big game but we have to find a proper way to show this to the lawmakers and skeptics as well. This kind of experimental hunts can do the job.


The blackpowder hunting license is issued to a 100% natural mountain hunting ground only one hour drive for the capital city of Budapest. The area – Börzsöny mountains – is not disturbed by civilization. You can hunt exactly like our ancestors did in the previous centuries. The well equipped hunting lodges are placed in the middle of the territory, in places where you can just walk out of the door with your rifle on your shoulder deep into the heart of the wilderness... This is the place what blackpowder hunters dream of.




Muzzleloading guns are license free in Hungary, but the muzzle energy of the load must exceed 2500 Joules for red deer, mouflon and fallow deer and 1000 Joules for roe deer. The hunter must have a valid hunter's license of course. Any hunter who wants to take part in the blackpowder hunting project must contact the Hungarian Blackpowder Shooters and Hunters Association.


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