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The Pedersoli Black Powder  N° 1 magazine aims to increase contact with our customers, collectors of black powder guns, with friends of Pedersoli and visitors to our website worldwide.
The magazine, published quarterly on the web, includes articles about shooting, hunting, historical re-enactments and items of interest for collectors of guns, ballistic information, reloading tips, history, the use of accessories and presentations of short movies.
We invited the most experienced shooters and prominent journalists from around the world to contribute to the drafting of the magazine, in which pages you can read their articles about muzzle loading firearms and  metallic cartridge rifles, the shooting tests, and the curiosity about reloading.
Pedersoli's Black Powder N° 1 will surely find the interest of shooters, all fans and collectors of black powder guns.


24/06/2014 First video review of the new Traditional Hawken rifles

These rifles are available in .50 and .54 calibers both in flintlock and percussion. ..

15/06/2014 The new Pedersoli Kodiak Express rifle in action

Our Kodiak Express rifle is an effective hunting arm, and it is unique on the market. Here is the range report on the latest model. ..

14/04/2014 The song of the Hawken rifle by Tony Edwards

There are not many occasions in history when a rifle inspired a song or poem. We are very lucky and proud that our Hawken rifle is now one of the very few guns of the World, that was able to inspire an excellent song! ..

21/04/2014 .69 ball, buck and ball and buckshot cartridges of the U.S. Army

The construction of cartridges were standardized in the U.S. Army in the year of 1835. Since that time the ball cartridge construction followed the same pattern until they disappeared from the Ordnance manuals in 1861. ..

05/06/2014 Shooting the High Wall rifle

John Moses Browning's first rifle patent. One of the strongest and most reliable single shot designs of all times. 100 m tests. ..

04/03/2014 The accuracy of a percussion revolver

Did you ever wonder what makes a percussion revolver shoot straight? What is the difference between a cheap and a more expensive repro? Well, here are the answer you are looking for. ..

25/03/2014 Shooting the Pedersoli LePage pistol

The LePage is one of the most elegant target pistols of the 19th century. Our reproduction is tested on this short film. ..

16/04/2014 Proofing the U.S. rifle muskets in the 1860s and today

So you actually do not know what the V and P letters stand for on the barrels of the U.S. rifle muskets? If not, this is the time to learn it from the 1862 U.S. Ordnance Manual. ..

16/01/2014 The first blackpowder red deer in Hungary

Do you remember the first love, first kiss? Well I am sure Balázs Németh will remember his first red deer taken in Hungary with one of our flintlock Jäger rifles. Here is the story. ..

29/10/2013 Using rifle musket sights - the Lorenz

Shooting the muzzleloading military rifle muskets is a real delight today. It is one of the most demanding and most popular disciplines. However it is not well known what challenges the armies faced when they changed from smooth bore to rifled arms. ..

08/11/2013 Flintlocks in wet weather

Hunting with a flintlock rifle in wet weather is not an easy job. Some consider it impossible but in fact this is not true. The old hunters knew how to waterproof their rifles. ..

25/10/2013 Hunting with muzzleloaders in Hungary

Hungary walked a long road in legalizing the hunting with muzzleloaders. Now the success is here: after 100 years it is legal again to walk out to the wilderness with our good old muzzleloaders on our shoulder. ..

07/10/2013 Cleaning single shot muzzleloading guns

Here is our quick and easy guide to help you clean your muzzleloader the proper way. ..

28/09/2013 Tips on buying a used percussion revolver

It is never easy to buy a used gun as you can never exactly know how much care was taken for the beauty you chose to buy. Here are some hints what to check before buying. ..

26/09/2013 The U.S. 1863 Remington Contract rifle

The Remington Contract „Zouave” or U.S. 1863 rifle is one of the best handling, and most elegant rifles of the Civil War era. ..

19/09/2013 The Pedersoli Gibbs did it again in the hands of Marnus Steyn!

A short report with an excellent shooter who won the long range World Championships with a Pedersoli Gibbs rifle ..

16/09/2013 The 19th century concal bullet revolution

I really love the military history of the 19th century. This is the most advanced age of the muzzleloaders, with great ideas, and some crazy designs. Here is the short story of the last of the military stlye muzzleloadinmg bullets. ..

16/09/2013 Terminal ballistics of the conical muzzleloading bullet vs modern rounds

We made some terminal ballistic tests with the help of gelatine blocks to compare the killing power of muzzleloaders with hunting loads. ..

16/09/2013 Powder making in the 17th century

A brief introduction to 17th century powder making and military testing ..

16/09/2013 Hole-in-hole accuracy with Pedersoli Jager rifle

Searching for a high energy hunting load is not always an easy task. Pintpoint accuracy and devastiting power are both needed. ..

19/09/2013 Handgonne - the beginning of the firearms history

It all began here... The handgonne was the very first blackpowder operated hand held firearm. The soldier was able to march into battle, load and fire the gun alone. ..