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  • Fiber optic sights sets

Rear sights are adjustable for elevation and wintage, thanks to proper micrometer screws.

Black powder Features

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Cod. 036U409000

Front sight and rear sight set for muzzleloading rifles (Frontier - Kentucky - Tryon - Mortimer and other models).

Front sight: with dovetail base 3/8”x30°xheight .0984 (9,5x30°x h.2,5 mm) - Height: .472 (12 mm).

Rear sight: with base for octagonal barrels with dimension .787÷.944 (20÷24 mm) with dovetail base: 3/8”x30°xheight .0984 (9,5x30°xh.2,5 mm).

Code USA 409-410-411-412