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New Sharps rifle equipped specially for the Bench Rest shooters who want to practice with a gun having strong historical connotations. One of the main technical points of the rifle is the Lothar Walther barrel with a matt blue finish. The frame and the steel parts are case hardened finish. Both the stock (which has a higher comb to allow better use of the telescope sight) and the forend are made of walnut, oil finish; the forend bottom surface is flat to assure a steady support on the bench while aiming. The barrel is drilled and tapped to mount the telescope sight (we suggest Malcolm short scope 6X model – USA 508-6).

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Cod. 010S75822M Kaliber .22 L.R. Züge 8
  mm inches
Drall 416 1:16
Lauflänge 700 27 9/16
Gesamtlänge 1.130 44 1/2
  kg lbs
Gewicht 4,300 13.88
Stecher Diopter Tunnelkorn
   USA 508-6  
Code S.758-22M
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Historisches Reenactment
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