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Fantastic side by side with maple stock with an escutcheon and an engraved capbox of typical English school. This last accessory, frequently found on the Whitworth and Henry Match Rifles and on the military rifled side by side guns of Swinburn & Son and John Jacob has been used on hunting shotguns thanks to his design simplicity and the practical use. The barrels are rust brown finish colour and are made with a slender shape to obtain lighter weight than those normally fitted to a standard muzzle loading side by side shotgun, giving the gun a slim and very elegant look. The engraved locks are case hardened finish.


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Cod. 010S297012 Caliber 12 CYL./MOD. Grooves -
  mm inches
Twist - -
Barrel's length 700 27 9/16
Overall length 1.120 44 1/8
  kg lbs
Weight 3,100 6.83
Stecher Creedmoor sight Tunnel front sight
Code S.297
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