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The feasible solution to shoot indoor, also in private places, with muzzle loading guns without the need of black powder, using specific polymer round balls.

The Indoor Set includes the Kentucky pistol percussion .45 caliber already equipped with the conversion nipple, gun case, 100 polymer round balls and 100 patches.

Useful the target holder, offered as an extra accessory with 10 strong paper targets (30x30cm)


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Black powder Caractéristiques

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Cod. 020C313450 Calibre .45 Rayures 12
  mm inches
Pas 450 1:18
Longueur du canon 264 10 3/8
Longueur totale 390 15 3/8
  kg lbs
Poids 1,050 2.31
Stecher Dioptre Guidon à tunnel
Code C.313
Indoor Tir
Reconstitution historique
Chasse au petit gibier (oiseaux)
Chasse au gros gibier
version Kit
Avec étui
Arme Sportive
Vente libre