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Designed for young shooters, this new version of the 1874 Sharps rifle is noticeable for the simple and modern lines. We worked on the frame, side plate and barrel to round the profiles and by minimizing the dimensions we could reduce the weight to 3.45 kilos; the forged and CNC machined frame case hardened finish, the stock is made of American walnut, the barrel PMG quality features a matt blue finish. The sights set includes a blade front sight and a buckhorn rear sight. Drilled and tapped to fit the Creedmore sight . Single trigger.

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Cod. 010S764017 Calibro .17 Hornet Нарезы 6
  mm inches
Крутизна нарезов 229 1:09
Длина ствола 617 24
Общая длина 1045 41 1/8
  kg lbs
Вес 3,450 7.60
Stecher Diottra Mirino a tunnel
Code S.764
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