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The Mark II is the latest version of the Boarbuster model, featuring a modern line and last generation equipment.

Compact and easy to handle rifle thanks to the reduced barrel length and the microcell butt plate. Forged frame CNC machined together with all the steel parts, broached rifling, American walnut stock, soft touch covered.

Oxidation resistance thanks to the stainless steel, enabling the use of the rifle in rainy and difficult weather conditions. The compact dimension and the stopping power granted by the PMG barrel, .45-70 caliber, makes the rifle an ideal companion during intense hunting adventures.


Adjustable stock

Provides very good adaptability to any sighting device

Weaver/picatinny base with double ramp to mount the rear sight.

The integral rear sight can be easily mounted from both ends of the base, allowing the choice to have it at a distance of 4 centimeters (1.57") or 20 centimeters (7.87") from the action.

Cerakote coating of metal parts

the special ceramic finish protects the surfaces from wear and corrosion.

Front and rear sight with superluminova technology.

Special fluorescent varnish, extremely useful in poor light conditions.




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Cod. 010J741444 Calibro .444 Marlin Нарезы 12
  mm inches
Крутизна нарезов 965 1:38
Длина ствола 483 19
Общая длина 950 37 7/16
  kg lbs
Вес 3,700 8,16
Stecher Diottra Mirino a tunnel
Code J.741
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