Pedersoli Pedersoli

Essential, handy and very well balanced, important features for a target pistol, introduced with the aim of taking our shooters to the highest step of the podium.

Faithful reproduction of a fine eighteenth century gun, therefore in line with the M.L.A.I.C rules, it is appreciated thanks to an ergonomic grip of walnut, with an easily removable barrel, locked to the frame by a conical hardened pin tightening the two parts. The trigger guard is the main spring, activating the underhammer percussion system. The rear sight is adjustable in elevation and the front sight is windage adjustable.

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Cod. 020S378360 Calibro .36 Нарезы 7
  mm inches
Крутизна нарезов 450 1:18
Длина ствола 205 8 1/16
Общая длина 360 1401/16
  kg lbs
Вес 0,92 2.03
Codice palle 036U520354
Blocco pallottoliere 034U307354
Stecher Diottra Mirino a tunnel
Code S.378
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