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Black powder Survey

We thank you for the cooperation that will help us to improve the quality of our products and will enable us to make a better work for the management of our quality system certification.
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Commercial area Step 1/4
  1. 1. Timeliness of response from the commercial office to follow up your requests, to inform about the prices and issue the orders' confirmations
  2. 2. Clearness processing the order, the order’s confirmation
  3. 3. Sales people availability and competence (knowledgeable answers, cordiality, courtesy)
  4. 4. Clarity and quality of the catalogue information and the paper documentation
  5. 5. Ease of using the paper catalogue and the paper documentation
  6. 6. Clarity and quality of the web site as well as of the offered services
  7. 7. Ease of using the web site
  8. 8. Choices and assortment of the offered products

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