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Black powder Pistols

Derringer Rider

This is a reproduction of the extremely rare Remington Rider Single Shot Derringer pistol of which only about 200 were produced 1860-1863.
Small pistols suitable for indoor practice were called “Parlor Pistols”. The pistol is of steel construction, available with polished white or case hardened finish as well as having an optional wood case available for one or for two pistol, which has brass box for caps. The Deluxe version, with white finish, features a rich scroll engraving. On the grip there are a series of crossed lines giving a checkering effect.
Like the original, the pistol fires a .177 inch (4,5 mm) ball using only a percussion cap and no black powder charge.
For short range it is powerful, accurate and fairly quiet, making it suitable for indoor use.
A .177” (4,5 mm) ball is placed into the breech plug small tube (which is capped) inserted against the barrel. The hammer fires a # 11 cap which expels the ball.