Pedersoli Pedersoli
Black powder Rifles

1857 Württembergischen

Faithful reproduction of a military rifle, which in the past Century it was manufactured by the Gewehrfabrik in Oberndorf from 1857 to 1866. The infantry Württembergisch “Vereinsgewehr” 1857 model, with percussion lock and rifled barrel 13,9 mm (.547) caliber, was adopted in the States of Württemberg, Baden and Great Axia dukedom. An extremely accurate rifle reproduced to be a contender in the “Minié” 100 meters target shooting specialty. Equipped with a rear sight on a squared high base, adjustable for windage and elevation. It is a rifle which has to be carefully observed to appreciate the details, both technical and aesthetical ones.














Bordeaux (F) 2006



Adelaide (AU) 2008 - "World Record"

Barcelos (P) 2010 - "World Record"