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Le Page ®

Replica pistol Le Page, the reproduction of a duelling pistol produced by Henry Le Page between 1840 and 1850, featuring a hook breech barrel, outside chromed and satin finish. Particularly fit for the precision target shooting is equipped with set trigger and rear sight with elevation adjustment. The stock is of European walnut, checkered and oil finish. The Deluxe version, all the metal parts have a scroll engraving, the barrel is rust brown finish colour with gold inlays.












2002 Lucca (I)
2010 Barcelos (P)



1985 Madrid (E)
1992 Camp Perry (USA)
1996 Warwick (GB)
1998 Warwick (GB) - (Team)
2000 Adelaide (AU)
2002 Lucca (I) 2002 - (Team)
2004 Batesville (USA)
2006 Bordeaux (F) - (Team)
2008 Adelaide (AU)
2010 Barcelos (P) – (Team)