Modèle: S370

Pistolet commémoratif Mamelouk

One of the pistol equipping the Mamelukes, faithful fighters of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard. Everything started during the Egyptian Campaign in the 1799, when the Mamelukes cavalry regiments who were fighting in defense of the king in that area, aroused curiosity and admiration for their courage and their military organization.

Napoleon Bonaparte decided then to include these cavalrymen into his army creating, in 1802, the first Mamelukes squadron of the Republic led by the General Jacques François de Menou.

The commemorative pistol introduced by Davide Pedersoli is the holster model, with round barrel 14,5mm caliber, 194mm long with the feature of five flats at the breech, the upper one continuing along the barrel’s length to the front sight.

On the upper flat there is the mark Boutet. On the lock, two lines with the text M.RE IMP.LE / DE VERSAILLES. The trigger guard, the butt cap and the screw washers of the lock are made of brass; on the butt cap a screw is fitted with a steel ring; the ramrod is made of steel with brass tip.

Code: 020S370145

Calibre: 14,5 mm

Rayures: SMOOTH

Spécifications techniques

Calibre 14,5 mm
Rayures SMOOTH
Pas mm -
Pas inches -
Longueur du canon mm 194,00
Longueur du canon inches 7 5/8
Longueur totale mm 330,00
Longueur totale inches 13
Poids Kg 0,710
Poids lbs 1.61
Code des balles 036U520541
Code familial S.370
Classification NON PREV
Silex 036U091001