For over 60 years, with passion and dedication, at the service of history

Since Davide Pedersoli celebrated its first birthday in the spring of 1958, more than sixty years have passed, YEARS of continuous success: the recurring records and the large amount of medals won in various international sport competitions, testify to the perfection and ballistic precision of Pedersoli guns, features that made them popular among target shooters and hunters worldwide.
Davide Pedersoli has always distinguished itself by their historical research of the guns to reproduce, to identify some of the most important steps in the gun manufacturing tradition of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries European and American firearms. A rewarding choice that has allowed us to relive epic pages and, with the passage of time, believe in a real lifestyle and promote every aspect of it. A rewarding choice that allowed many new enthusiasts to relive epic pages of history and, over time, to believe in a genuine way of life to be promoted in every aspect. The company has also developed a strong bond with "re-enactment" groups, an area in which scholars and collectors always show the utmost attention to detail and to the faithful historical reproduction of various models.

The History

The history of the DAVIDE PEDERSOLI & C., founded in 1957 by Davide Pedersoli (1924-1996), starts with the manufacturing of hunting shotguns, over and under shotguns featuring a specific patent and also side by side shotguns.

In 1960 we started the production of muzzle loading guns, which after ten years, took over as the predominant product of the company.

In 1973 the production of the traditional hunting shotguns was discontinued allowing us to concentrate on the production of historical muzzleloading guns and accessories plus expanding the powder flasks production which started in 1960, at the beginning of the muzzleloading phenomenon.

The year 1982 saw the starting of a new production autonomy inside the company for all of the wood and metal components departments involved in the complete finishing of the muzzle loading and breech loading guns.

Currently the company keeps its family character, and is managed by Pierangelo Pedersoli and by the brother-in-law Giovanni, also involved in the education and training of the younger family members who are the third generation of the Pedersoli family.

The Production

The Pedersoli guns production ranges from duelling pistols to revolvers, from target guns to infantry muskets from various European countries, without forgetting the most famous American icons that have marked the evolution of firearms from flintlock up to the beginnings of the use of metallic cartridges.

Every Pedersoli gun is intended for those who want to start a journey back in time and to relive the exploits of those heroes, more or less legendary, that literature and movies have made them immortal, invulnerable to the oblivion of time and memory.

There are separate and independent departments that allow us to pay particular attention to each specific component of each gun and to each processing stage. The two main departments for the production of barrels and stocks are followed by those, always characterized by the presence of CNC machine tools, for the manufacture of small mechanical parts, screws and flasks. To these are added the departments for the polishing of metal parts and for the assembly of guns. Finally, there are also departments for the storage of semi-finished materials and finished products.

For the accessories we founded the U.S.A. (Universal Special Accessories) Company. Since the first powder flasks have been produced in 1960, a long period of time passed, during which the accessories of the guns production grew in number for several needs: cleaning, loading, sighting, carrying of the muzzle loading and breech loading guns as well as many other items needed by shooters.


Today the Davide Pedersoli Company also has its own indoor shooting tunnel to test new prototypes and for testing the accuracy of both guns and their loading methods.
Also, the new and modern CAD-CAM systems we use are developed inside the company, giving us complete accuracy of duplication for each part drawing, a continuous quality standard and if necessary an immediate change or modification of a product for a quick answer to the world wide market's requests.

The Quality Control systems include ultrasound tests on barrel's material, the resistance tests, the hardness tests, dimensional checks, as well as those of the functioning of the mechanisms and of the statistical production trend, to then move on to the final verification on the muzzle-loading guns and on guns for sale.
In compliance with the Italian law for the guns production and sale, all the guns must go through the firing tests at the Banco Nazionale di Prova (National Proof House) in Gardone Valtrompia according to the C.I.P rules. The high pressure firing test is made to all the guns whether they are muzzle loading or breech loading, and it is one of the most sophisticated qualification tests.

Pedersoli guns, with regard to mechanical parts, are covered by two-years warranty from the date of purchase; the spare parts are distributed all over the world by some of our distributors and they can also be purchased directly by our on-line shop. In Europe the warranty service is provided directly by the manufacturer and by the German Service Point, as well as by some of the European distributors. Our other Service Points are in U.S.A and Canada. To facilitate the after-sales service, you can download updated part diagrams and part codes from the model's page in our web site, look for the PDF exploded view.

Any Pedersoli customer can count on our full attention and availability to explain and answer questions about the historical, technical and ballistic features of each gun we manufacture.

We are proud to share with our customers the news that the Antitrust Authority (AGCM), on the basis of the verification of ethical behavior in the company, has assigned the Rating of Legality of two stars to Davide Pedersoli & C. on March 1, 2022.

We are very proud of this recognition, which is indicative of the legality of our company.

The philosophy of Davide Pedersoli was and is to refer to history, offering superior quality reproductions of historical firearms. Today, thanks to our complete guns production autonomy started several years ago, all components required to assemble a gun are manufactured inside the company. The advantage of this is to be able to follow every step from the design and the manufacture of guns with the ultimate result of making models signed Davide Pedersoli famous worldwide for their quality, functionality and ballistic accuracy.
Pierangelo Pedersoli