Among the rifles that have proudly descended from the legendary American late eighteen hundreds era, there is this classic single shot rifle designed for long range target shooting. 

The broached rifling barrel is made of high carbon steel, matt blue. The frame has a case hardened colour. It is equipped with a single set trigger. The pistol grip stock with checkered grip panels has the cheek piece and a large butt plate. The checkered forend profile provides a steady and safe grip. It is produced with 32"(813 mm) barrel in the .45-70 caliber (S.804-S.806) and with 30" (762 mm) barrel in the .38-55 caliber with 1:12"/305 mm twist (S.805-S.807). The rifle is equipped with Winchester type rear sight and a blade front sight, drilled and tapped to mount a suitable tang sight matched with the tunnel front sight. The "Classic" version differentiates for the trigger guard feature.