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Just like the US 1841, the barrel’s strength, the mechanical work and the fine finish add to the beauty of the “Zouave” rifle. It was produced by Remington Arms company at Ilion, New York, by contract with the US Government. It was intended for the US Artillery Department and never distributed to any Civil War army division The good looks and fine features of the gun were discovered by shooters and collectors during the Civil War centennial and it was highly sought after. The 1863 Zouave features brass furnitures, the ramrod with the tulip tip and the three leaf rear sight. There are two sling swivels, one fits under the front band and the other one fit in front of the trigger guard. The lock shows the Eagle stamp and the US letters in front of the hammer.



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Black powder Features

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Cod. 010S291580 Caliber .58 Grooves 3
  mm inches
Twist 1.524 1:60
Barrel's length 838 33
Overall length 1.250 49 1/4
  kg lbs
Weight 4,2 9,91
Bullet code 036U523577
Bullet mould 034U309577
Stecher Creedmoor sight Tunnel front sight
Code S.291
Exploded view
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