Pedersoli Pedersoli
Black powder Rifles

Pedersoli 'Lighting' Pump Action

The Pedersoli Lightning rifle is a reproduction of one of the most famous rifles used during the 1890’s by cowboys and settlers of the American West and today very desired by Cowboy Action Shooters, hunters and collectors.
To the original American model, we made important modifications to the mechanical parts to make the rifle more safe and reliable.
With great care, we retained the fascination, beauty and appearance of the original Lightning rifle while at the same time making subtle changes to design out the weaknesses of the original and give today’s shooters an accurate and reliable rifle.
Available in the Rifle version with 24” and 26” octagonal or round barrels, in the Carbine version with 20” octagonal barrel and Baby Carbine with 20” round barrel retained to the magazine by a shaped double ring band.
Both Lightning Rifle and Lightning Carbine are offered with three different finishes: Standard:  blue action and furniture, walnut stock; Premium: case hardened action, semi-fancy walnut checkered stock; Deluxe: coin finish colour for the action and the trigger guard, finished by hand engraving, fancy walnut stock, fine checkering. Both the Rifle and the Carbine versions feature a checkered forend.