Model: S331

An IX De Gendarmerie Pistol

The Gendarmerie An IX is a small and enchanting muzzle loading pistol replica, reproducing one of the most known pistol models of the Napoleonic epoch.

As it happened for the cavalry pistols, it was manufactured in pairs and was produced until the 1819 exclusively by the Imperial Manufacture in Maubeuge for a total of 32,000 pairs.

In spite of the production being assigned to the gendarmerie, these pistols were equipping also the infantry officers. The original martial look does not prevent a certain elegance that combined with the small dimensions, give this gun an undisputable fascination.

The Gendarmerie An IX pistol can be supplied with a single pistol case or with a double case for a pair: a valuable complement that thanks to the glass lid will enhance the beauty of the gun.

Code: 020S331152

Caliber: 15,2 mm

Technical specifications

Caliber 15,2 mm
Barrel's length mm 125,00
Barrel's length inches 4 15/16
Overall length mm 250,00
Overall length inches 9 7/8
Weight kg 0,710
Weight lbs 1.56
Bullets code 036U520575
Family code S.331
Classification NON PREV