Since 1975 in the cinema and on television here are the interpretations of our gun reproductions ... by Oscar

Many years of experience in the faithful reproduction of historical guns has often led us to movie sets or television. Black powder muskets, rifles and pistols have often embellished the plots and the scenography of movies and TV series, up to the international stages in Oscar winning movies. We are proud to be present with our guns on the big and small screen so that we can make our manufacturing art appreciated and contribute, even if in a small part, to the show.

We started in 1975 with the famous Kentucky pistol in "The Earl of Monte Cristo", "Sandokan" and "Conquering the West"; trough the nineties with "Dance with wolves" (Sharps), "Hook - Captain Hook" and the famous "Last of the Mohicans" (Brown Bess) and again "The mask of Zorro", "The Patriot" (Kentucky and Brown Bess).

 In the 2000s "Master and Commander" and "The Curse of the First Moon" (Brown Bess), "The Alamo - last heroes" (Alamo rifle, Chambersburg, Brown Bess musket and carbine, Kentucky rifle and pistol, Mod.1777 e Mod.1816) and "True Grit" (Sharps) are just some of the movies in which our guns are featured. And among the most recent works there are "Free State of Jones" (English double), "La Banda dei Grossi" (coach gun double) Italian movie of the big screen and "The Revenant" (Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Frontier, Jaeger, Brown Bess, Indian Trade Musket) Oscar winning movie !!

Cinematography with Pedersoli guns

Faithful historical reproductions of muskets, rifles and pistols used on national and international movie sets.

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