In 2004 we started the realization of a ten-year project, which included, every year, the presentation of a commemorative model, and in a limited series, dedicated to a particular event or an important historical figure. Each gun is accompanied by its own Certificate of Authenticity drawn up on parchment type paper. The journey of the "Ten years of collection" began with the Napoleon pistol AN IX in conjunction with the 200th anniversary of the plebiscite of 18 May 1804, with which General Bonaparte was proclaimed Emperor of the French with the name of Napoleon. Over the years, the Napoleon AN XIII pistol (1805), the Hussar 1786 musket (1806), the Model AN IX Cavalry musket (1807), the Boutet 1er Empire pistol (1808) and the AN IX De Gendarmerie pistol (1809) followed one another.

The last project of 2012 was instead the pistol supplied to the Mamelukes squadron, the Mamelouk pistol (1812), faithful fighters who were part of Napoleon's Imperial Guard during the Egyptian Campaign in 1799. Collectible guns are also completed by commemorative models in cased sets such as the Texas Set in memory of the Battle of the Alamo.


Limited series commemorative models, dedicated to memorable events and important historical figures.

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